Day 14: Shattering Preconceptions

Two preconceptions I had about being plastic-free have been shattered (for now at least). Firstly, I thought I would be so sick of all the extra shops I’d need to go to (one trip to the supermarket a week is plenty for me, thanks). Secondly, I thought it would be eye-wateringly expensive. In fact, neither of those things have been true.

It’s actually been really nice to spend time mooching around farm shops etc on a Saturday. It makes grocery shopping a bit of an adventure, and I’ve certainly learned about local businesses I probably wouldn’t have visited otherwise. For example, we had a great trip to Court Farm Shop, not far from Cheltenham where I live. They won Cotswold Life’s ‘Best Farm Shop’ Award last year and I can understand why; though small it has a great range. And also a petting zoo, if you’re so minded.

I’ve driven past Court Farm countless times and always assumed it would be way too expensive for me to shop in but to be honest, I haven’t been spending any more than I usually would. The premium I’ve paid for local produce in paper bags has been more than made up for by the fact that I’ve been buying fewer snacks and meat, which are expensive and now generally off-limits. This week our groceries cost about £30 for two of us, which is a little less than we’re used to spending.

That’s with us eating well, too. We’ve enjoyed meals like risotto, tuna & pesto pasta, bolognese, veggie burgers, battered fish and a tasty take on a tuna niçoise. Last night I made a kind of Spanish sauté with potato, chorizo, beans and peppers. We even had McDonald’s the other day (thank you, Ronald, for your cardboard boxes and paper bags).

In summary, at the moment I’m finding this neither annoying nor expensive. It’s actually pretty fun.

Plastic so far: 4.5g

  • Energy bar wrapper
  • Plastic window in the box of a Cafe Nero wrap
  • Piece of plastic HIDDEN INSIDE THE LID of a jar of piquant peppers
  • Thin sheet the lady at the deli counter used to pick up my chorizo before putting it in my paper bag (facepalm)

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